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E3 Is That Nintendo Is Currently Producing A Sequel To 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Arguably one among the most important reveals to pop out of E3 is that Nintendo is currently generating a sequel to 2017’s BOTW. The first recreation acquired praise for its distinct world, open-ended gameplay, and method in propelling the collection forward. Largely considered to be one of the high-quality video games ever created, BOTW gained multiple awards which includes several “Game of the Year” honors.

The sequel appears to maintain the visuals of the original while taking on a much darker tone. In the trailer, we can see Ganondorfs corpse become reanimated before an exterior shot shows Hyrule Castle being lifted into the air. The game’s already being compared to the likes of Majoras Mask, another heavy hitter in the Zelda series known for its darker themes and more mature undertones.

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